Muhammad Arif

Muhammad Arif


With a decade-long commitment to the downstream and midstream segments of the Oil Sector, Mr. Rana Muhammad Arif has proven to   be an indispensable asset to Flow Petroleum’s growth trajectory. His leadership skills have played a pivotal role in steering the company towards success.

In parallel to his role at Flow Petroleum, Mr. Arif serves as the Director of Aslam Oil Traders and Aslam Energy, both entities with a commendable operational history. Leading these companies has endowed him with a distinctive skill set, which proves invaluable in guiding Flow Petroleum through complex challenges.

A patriot at heart, Mr. Arif harbors a strong belief in the potential of Pakistan’s oil sector and is resolutely dedicated to contributing to its sustained growth. As a Sales & Supply Professional, his vast experience spans various crucial domains, including Logistics, Operational, and Commercial roles within the Oil & Gas industry. Mr. Arif excels in developing and leveraging relationships to deliver strategic objectives. His success in implementing large-scale projects is evident through collaborative efforts with cross-functional  teams, contractors, industry partners, and government bodies. Possessing a numerate and analytical mindset, he leverages data-based insights to offer innovative solutions aimed at maximizing value and bolstering competitiveness.

His track record is marked by a consistent ability to solve complex problems, drawing upon his commercial acumen, resilience, and empathy. The key function areas where Mr. Arif demonstrates expertise include Supply Planning and Optimization, Marketing, Supply Chain Development, Margin Delivery, Operations, Warehouse Management, Contract Management, and Exposure Management.

In summary, Rana Muhammad Arif emerges as a seasoned professional, contributing significantly to the success and growth of organizations under his purview. His commitment to excellence, strategic vision, and multifaceted skill set make him a valuable leader in the dynamic landscape of the Oil Sector.