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Flow Petroleum

Flow Petroleum Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Oil Marketing Company headquartered in Lahore, dedicated to meeting Pakistan’s energy needs. Founded in 2017, our rapid growth and success in the petroleum marketing sector are guided by core values: Integrity, Passion, Ethics, and Diversity.

Diversification has propelled us from a mere oil distributor to a comprehensive Oil Marketing Company, integrated into the entire oil and gas value chain. Our diverse and inclusive work environment reflects our commitment to building a successful and sustainable energy landscape.


Proudly positioned among top companies, our focus on renewable energy is evident in our commitment to environmentally friendly fuels. We aim to expand our business and service standards, with an ongoing expansion plan for our Retail Network across the country. We recently acquired TransAsia Refinery Limited and Quality One Petroleum, strengthening our strategic position.

Flow Petroleum’s advanced Retail Outlets, strategically located Oil Depots, and a large Logistic Fleet ensure consistent product availability. With high accessibility in throughout Pakistan, our Retail Network expansion is rapidly advancing nationwide.

In summary, Flow Petroleum is poised for sustained growth, driven by excellence, innovation, and a commitment to a sustainable future in the oil and gas industry.

Historic Background

The business group started petroleum products distribution and marketing segment about four decades ago and ever since the inception the business has successfully dealt in the area of distribution, storage and logistics across the Country.  

The business has incessantly played a pivotal to the energy sector of the Country by providing quality petroleum products with innovative solution. The business has gradually increased the storage infrastructure and supply chain facilities to meet the continuous surge of fuel products in the Country.    

Strategic Way Forward

In this age of continuous transformation to alternate forms of energy, we have embarked on a journey to establish a modernized oil refining unit in order to embrace the modernistic energy petroleum products.

We have successfully completed the acquisition of remarkable companies: TransAsia Refinery Ltd, & Quality 1 Petroleum. This achievement signifies a pivotal step in our journey to reinforce our position in the petroleum industry.

TransAsia Refining Complex, spread across 200 acres of land at Port Qasim with a designed capacity of refining 100,000 barrels per day, brings plenty of knowledge and experience to our organization. This strategic move fortifies our commitment to ensuring a consistent and high-quality supply of petroleum products, positioning us for future success in a dynamic market.

Quality 1 Petroleum, having storage capacity at Mandara, Sahiwal, Mehmood Kot, Shikarpur, Gatti, Sarai Naurang, Thalian and Daulatpur, recognized for its unwavering dedication to product quality, safety, and sustainability, aligns perfectly with our values and vision. By joining forces with Quality One, we will elevate our capacity to provide premium products and services to our valued customers.

Vision & Mission


We aim to market excellent quality petroleum products by empowering our people to exceed the expectations of our Consumers, Partners and the Community at large.

Our foremost precedence is to broaden the other convenience facilities at our Retail Outlets alongside fuel products for improving service standards of our consumers.


We are committed to furnish the futuristic fuels requirements of the Country allied with the sustainable and greener environment. 


Fueling The Future

Our Services

Retail Stations

Our state-of-the-art retail stations offer quality petroleum products and wide spectrum of friendly services to our consumers thus meeting their satisfactory levels.

Non Fuel Retail

Extending our operations beyond conventional petroleum products, our retail stations offer wide range of NFR services which includes - TASMART, car wash, tyre shop, oil change facilities and quick service restaurants.

Fuel Storage

Our modernizied and strategically built fuel storages across Pakistan ensure consistent supply of quality petroleum products 24/7.


Flow Group owns the in house logistic facility by the name of AEPL. Which provides non-stop logistic services across Pakistan. In addition to this, we also externalize our logistics fleet.

CEO's Message

Flow has emerged as a formidable contender in Pakistan’s petroleum sector, propelled by unwavering tenacity, industrious toil, and unwavering dedication. Our aspirations extend beyond domestic borders as we endeavor to gradually expand internationally, cementing our status as a preeminent global force. Relentless investment in performance enhancement stands as a linchpin in our strategic framework.

Vigorously broadening our product portfolio, augmenting storage capacities, and cultivating a nationwide network of retail and non-fuel outlets are actively underway. A customer-centric ethos positions our clientele at the vanguard. By harnessing professional acumen and cutting-edge technology, our objective is to curtail delivery timelines. Safety, an overarching imperative at Flow, manifests in our comprehensive Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) policy, which governs every facet of our operational continuum.

These initiatives proffer a glimpse into the robust tapestry of our growth strategy, spanning a diverse spectrum of operations. Seeking divine guidance from Allah, we chart our course for future endeavors. Our cadre, comprising impassioned professionals, is ardently poised for continuous learning and esteems input from both patrons and consumers. Swift responsiveness characterizes our readiness and willingness to address inquiries promptly.

Muhammad Waris

Chief Executive Officer