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Flow Base

Building The Future

Flow Corporate Avenue – Gujranwala’s next business hub


The project aims to build 16 state-of-the-art oce units within a total land area of 8 kanal in the centre of Gujranwala. Gujranwala is a growing city where the manufacturing and service sectors are expanding day by day. Our vision is to support this growth by providing a unique corporate environment where companies, both local and international, can flourish. We envision the project to become Gujranwala’s next business hub. By attracting businesses to the city, the project would boost the local economy and help create jobs for the local workforce within their very own city.


This project is being constructed under the Amnesty Scheme whereby the investors are not legally obliged to disclose their source of income.


  1. Standalone independent buildings comprising of ground plus four stories
  2. Dedicated parking
  3. State of the art infrastructure
  4. Maintenance services provided
  5. Corporate environment
  6. Secure environment with 24-hour surveillance cameras
  7. Premium location – the center of the city
  8. Lit passageways
  9. Community center with amenities