Tara Uzra Dawood

Tara Uzra Dawood

Board Of Director

Mrs. Tara Uzra Dawood is an individual of remarkable academic pedigree and professional distinction, boasting a wealth of expertise in corporate governance, law, and finance. Her academic journey, enriched by stints at prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, and Lahore University of Management Sciences, has cultivated a multifaceted skill set, setting her apart in her field.

With a tenure as a board member at renowned organizations including Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and Pakistan Refinery Ltd. (PRL), Mrs. Dawood has consistently demonstrated exemplary leadership. Her strategic oversight has been instrumental in driving initiatives that yield substantial cost-saving measures and elevate governance standards, notably spearheading the transition to single auditors at PSO, resulting in significant financial benefits.

As Chief Executive Officer at 786 Investments (formerly Dawood Capital Management Ltd.), Mrs. Dawood’s acumen in navigating global finance is unparalleled, particularly evident in the development of Shariah-compliant financial instruments. Furthermore, her commitment to philanthropy is evident in the founding of the Dawood Global Foundation, which facilitates impactful partnerships to advance educational opportunities for marginalized communities.

A sought-after international speaker and lecturer, Mrs. Dawood has shared invaluable insights on Shariah law, responsible investments, and environmental funds across numerous platforms worldwide. Her dedication to knowledge dissemination extends to academia, where she has pioneered courses on Shariah-compliant finance at the University of Danube Law School, Austria. Mrs. Dawood’s journey, enriched by experiences across eight countries, reflects a profound appreciation for cultural diversity and a steadfast commitment to effecting positive change. Beyond her professional endeavors, she finds fulfillment in travel, writing, and acts of kindness, embodying a holistic approach to life.