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Striving towards energy transition by encouraging sustainable operations across the spectrum.

Come Build The Future With Us

At Flow, our inclusive culture, a thirst for growth and a better sustainable future is what sets us apart. We seek to comply not only with the regulations in force but also with the main international standards
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Health Safety Security & Environment

FPPL strongly believes in safety first. Safety is more than just a priority. It’s a core value and the basis of our strategy. Our ambition is to obtain minimal harm and zero leaks across all of our operations. Everyone working for Flow strives to achieve this goal each day. To achieve this ambition, we have taken comprehensive steps and have built rigorous protocols and guidelines for everyone to follow.

We want everyone to share our commitment to safety – from managers and employees to partner companies and local stakeholders.

The spirit of our initiative is to ensure that employees, contractors and other stakeholders share a common attitude and emphasis towards health and safety – whether at work or at home. Our commitment to safety is not limited to just our company. We are equally motivated to help improve safety performance throughout the energy industry and work in partnership with industry trade associations and professional bodies to share our safety experience, standards and knowledge with other operators and contractors.

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We have taken several measures to prepare ourselves for any contingency on the forecourt. Employees have gone through rigorous training and are constantly reminded of the safety protocols.

– Perhaps our commitment to safety is best reflected in our HSSE rewards scheme. To foster a culture of safety, we incentivize employees through a rewards and recognition scheme. The idea is to instill the value of safety deep in the psyche of our organization. 

Our Corporate Values


Forming one of the core pillars of our beliefs at Flow. We seek to hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards.


We believe passion is heart of our company and consistently endeavor to move forward to innovate.


Our principles of transparency, honesty and ethics is the basis of our identity which sets us apart.


Bringing myriad benefits with itself, as numerous fruitful ideas come when different perspectives are given an opportunity to interact.