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Be Cautious There’s a Life Ahead

Winters are here so does the fog! Fog is formed by cool air and humidity, the layers of forming cloud could lower the visibility so it’s become difficult to drive in this condition especially when the one is not following the road safety tips.

Fog has caused many accidents all over the world Driving in fog can be hazardous and un-predictable no matter how good you are in driving, So being extra cautious can help you to save yourself and others too. You should always follow important safety tips to stay focused on the road

There are some safety tips that should be kept in mind while we drive in chilly and foggy nights

Use Headlights:

In this condition never turn off your headlights. It’s suggested by experts to use your headlight at lower beam because it will form a thick light on the ground eventually and will not impact your visibility, higher beam can reduce your visibility even further and make things worse.

Slow down:

While driving in night or day! Slowing down is going to keep you floating in Fog. This is the most basic safety measure, so never speed up in this situation always try to be slow and check your speedo meter to keep it constant.

Don’t rely on other Vehicle:

It’s the most important hence commonly used thing by drivers, most of the drivers tend to rely on the taillights of other cars throughout the way, they follow other cars as they couldn’t see the proper way, this thing can lead to accident

Because the other person may hit the break suddenly and if you are not maintaining the distance collision can occur. So always maintain a proper distance from other vehicle.

Turn on the heater

Generally driving in foggy situation lead toward blur windows and screen that lower the visibility rate. Turning on the heater and defroster can help to reduce the condensation formed due to fog and chill. This practice can help to reduce the blurriness so you can see what’s ahead.

Windshield wipers:

Use the windshield wipers to clear the view by wiping the glared formed due to moisture in the fog. It will not clear up the view all of sudden but it do make a difference in the vision.
In conclusion

The most important thing that should be kept in mind while driving is that life matters no matter how much experienced driver a person is, unfortunate accidents can happen if we don’t follow road safety measures. Drivers should be cautious and should know safety tips to save himself as well as others from unfortunate incidents